is now an informational site only. To make a purchase please follow this link to our store

The Problem-

We are a seasonal business, during spring, summer and fall we’re busy, and winters are typically slow. You can image how thrilled and surprised we were to see an unusually large flurry of on-line orders during November 2016.

It didn’t turn out as we had hoped however. After receiving and fulfilling the orders, we were stunned with the news that we had been clobbered by a well-orchestrated cyber thief.

Not only did the culprit(s) get away with thousands of dollars worth of the products sent out, they all got their money back too. Killbugsnaturally was built using the Squarespace platform and Squarespace only offers one credit card processor option: Stripe.

We immediately reached out to Stripe, seeking their assistance in recovering the lost products and payments to no avail. Despite all the evidence we uncovered exposing the connection between some 20+ individual fraudulent orders, Stripe proved to be useless and unwilling to remedy our significant loss.

As a result, we were obliged to drop Stripe completely and use as an informational site only. Unfortunately, we are no longer excepting purchases through at this time. Please visit to purchase your order using Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and/or Discover card.

American Cedar Technologies Kill Bugs

The Solution-

As much as we love working with Squarespace, we were left without an on-line option to replace Stripe. Rather than rebuild the entire site on a new platform, we have constructed a simple and safe satellite e-commerce site built on the platform that can accommodate and process Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card and Paypal purchases.

Kill Bugs Naturally at American Cedar Technologies.jpg continues as our principle site, with lots of product info, tips and tricks. Additionally, we have activated for customers using Paypal or paying with a credit card. Now, throughout the site, you will find a button link that will take you to the new “store” site. The shop page features all of our products organized into 5 categories from top to bottom:

1.     Shop Instant Kill Sprays & Repellents

2.     Shop Concentrates

3.     Shop Pest Control Kits/Misc.

4.     Shop Animal Health

5.     Shop Wood Cleaning, Sealing and Preservation.

6.     Shop All Products

To Make a purchase please follow the links or go directly to, scroll to the category/product of your choice, choose a quantity and check out using Paypal or your Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and/or Discover. As always, we can and do process credit cards by phone at 832-299-2400, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 9am-1pm CST and as always, we offer customers free shipping (UPS /USPS Priority Mail) anywhere in the Continental USA.