American Cedar Technologies Conquers African Ticks

In April of 2016, our regional agents; Suheil Arbid and Faisal Hawar met with the Minister of Livestock of Somaliland to offer a non-toxic alternative for tick control.

Upon completion of the testing near Hargaisa City, overseen by Dr. Ahmed Osman,  The Ministry of Livestock approved 2 of our neem oil products, d-Mize 3 a ready to use direct spray and NeemaSölv a water soluble concentrate for use with livestock.

Insects tested and successfully killed include Fleas, Red Ticks, Soft Ticks, Ants, Aedes & Anophelus Mosquitoes, Flying Cockroaches, Soil Termites, Wood Termites, Bed Bugs, Blue Ticks, and Engorged Ticks.



Please take a moment to learn more by watching the video news release below.