Find Bed Bugs Before They Find You With The Bed Bug Dot Early Bed Bug Detection System

Click Photo to Purchase (24 Dots Per Box)

Click Photo to Purchase (24 Dots Per Box)

When it comes to the question of bed bugs in the United States, we observe three basic categories of people. Those that have “had them”, those that “haven’t and are concerned” and those that “haven’t and have never given the matter a second thought”.

We hope you never get bed bugs. Fact is, bed bug are not going away anytime soon, in many bed bug hot spot cities across the country, bed bug numbers are surging pandemically

Every day more and more people are suddenly inducted into the “had them” hall of fame. The bed bug resurgence shows no sign of stopping, bed bug cases continue to rise exponentially. The need for an early detection system has been sorely needed.

Early Warning Bed Bug Detection- Identify Bed Bugs and Signs of Bed Bugs Early

This product is going to be more meaningful to folks in the fist two categories, those that have “had them”, and those that “haven’t and are concerned”. The bed bug dot is an early warning bed bug detection system for prudent families that want the peace and protection an early detection system can provide.

Why Install Bed Bug Dot?

Why install bed bug dot in your home, car, hotel/motel property, hospital of care center? Because early detection is EVERYTHING. Early detection vastly reduces the headache, the hassle, inconvenience and cost of bed bug treatment. Early detection is everything and education gets us there.

Finally a Bed Bug Early Detection System That Works 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

The bed bug dot early detection system is a simple and comprehensive program that puts you in full control. Visit for details inspection instructions, example pictures and tips. You can download and print out a bed bug dot inspection calendar too.  Now you can vigilantly keep watch over any bed bug activity in your home before it bursts.

Remember that bed bug population can multiple rapidly unchecked. People that are dealing with a bed bug issue for the first time often ask “Can you see a bed bug?” and “How do you identify bed bugs vs. some other insect invader?" or "What are the common signs of bed bugs?” The bed bug dot system is an easy to read, early bed bug detection system that will provide the answers to these important questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Finding a pair of mating bed bugs does not constitute an infestation. However left undetected and untreated, the same pair of bed bugs can turn into thousands of adults in 6 months time. Female bed bugs reproduce at an astonishing rate, laying over 400 eggs during their lifetime. Just another reason why early bed bug detection is EVERYTHING. Your investment of $19.95 to purchase the Bed Bug Dot detection device can save you thousands of dollars by not missing the early warning signs that you've got a bed bug problem.