American Cedar Technologies’ Bed Bug Protocol

Best Practices in Treating and Controlling Bed Bugs Using Cedar Oil-Based Best Ever. (Formerly called Best Yet) Followed By a Residual Second Treatment utilizing Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil-Based; d-Mize III. Both of These Biological Pesticides are All Natural Plant-Based Products. 

The Chemical Option

Every day we observe newscasters and pest control companies telling the public over and over again that: “Having bed bugs is a very expensive proposition!” and that “Bed bugs are practically impossible to eradicate…” Fact is, the escalating epidemic of bed bugs is a major windfall for the pest control industry, they can charge you a fortune, and they do, because you’re desperate, making treatment an expensive proposition indeed. Fact is, the pyrethroid pesticides that exterminators use do not kill eggs thus making the task of elimination practically impossible since their commonly used chemicals are obsolete.

You will pay at least $500 to a synthetic poison company to come over and contaminate your home with nerve-toxic chemicals especially dangerous for the very young, pregnant women and/or women considering becoming pregnant, the very old or ailing and of course, our pets. Oh and they will be back, a lot, to lay down another blanket of toxic chemicals all over your home, because you will still have bed bugs.

The pyrethroid family of poisons (deltamethrin, permethrin, pyrethrin, Sumithrin, Resmethrin, Bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, phenothrin etc.) ubiquitously used by the pest control industry are highly nerve toxic agents linked to a list of nasty human and pet illness and death.  So the poison pimping professionals will be back, every month, under a new annual contract, with another and another squirt of nerve-toxic juice in your bedroom, in your kitchen, on everything you touch, every where you sit, all over your home.

We fervently believe that the control and eradication of bed bugs is a job for a biological pesticide, not a synthetic. Our  Red Texas Cedar Oil-based Best Ever kills bed bug eggs, 1st through 5th stage larvae and adults and does so without the aftertaste of nerve-toxic poisons. Best Ever is completely non-toxic to people, pets and the planet, yet deadly to all stages of bed bugs.

The application of Best Ever in a pest control agenda does not require a permit, because Best Ever is a natural and non-toxic composition considered to be GRAS by The EPA. (Generally Recognized as Safe) Best Ever is EPA exempt from registration. 

Getting Rid of The Bed Bugs and Their Eggs Without Poisons

Despite the fear-based, negative rhetoric coming from the chemical titans, we heartily submit that you can get rid of the bed bugs and their eggs without the use of petrochemical poisons, so please take heart and have confidence. All it takes is to observe a few bed bugs croak before your eyes within seconds of spraying them to quickly understand the awesome power of Best Ever, and/or d-Mize III, our cold pressed neem oil bed bug killer spray. You will be pleased with the bed bug killing results while your pets and children will enjoy a safe and pesticide free experience throughout the process.

Note: The EPA Approved Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil For The Treatment of Bed Bugs in May of 2012. 

Our customers often ask: “what is the best bed bug protocol?” The short answer: “Depends on your individual situation”. Let common sense be your guide. Once you familiarize yourself with the following ideas of best practices, you will be armed with the knowledge you need to effectively put an end to your bed bug issues. Despite the level of seriousness of your individual case, we put forward the following recommendations for all of our neighbors dealing with a bed bug challenge. These concepts are the basic building blocks for a successful and non-toxic bed bug removal protocol.


All Natural Double Biopesticide Treatment

We recommend a two step, double biological (Plant-based) product agenda starting with a spray treatment for furnishings (mattresses, box springs, bed frames, dressers, night stands) picture frames, fixtures, appliances, miscellaneous boxes, containers and household items, all visible cracks, crevices, holes and gaps in walls and floors. 

After initial spray treatment, continue with a complete structure molecular crowding fumigation treatment using Best Ever including attic space with The ACT Tri-Jet ULV Fogger Machine. Keep rooms sealed with air conditioning/heating turned off for a minimum of 2 hours after fumigation. Once complete, open doors, windows and turn on the air conditioner to allow the cedar-based product to dissipate. In bed bug cases that have been detected early on, this may be all that is required to achieve eradication.

Once the initial spray-fumigation step using Best Ever has been completed, we recommend a second biological strike utilizing d-Mize III, a cold pressed neem oil product as a lasting residual tactic. In this step, spray treat with neem oil-based d-Mize II   or d-Mize III, depending on the severity of your case. First, spray treat all cracks, crevices, under carpet edging along all walls, all visible holes and cracks in walls and inside all removable light switches and electrical plug fixtures. After spray treatment, repeat molecular crowding fumigation step using d-Mize II or d-Mize III as described above.  

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Important Note

  • Your attention to detail and thoroughness during treatment are critical to achieve 100% mortality of the bed bug invaders. 
  • Depending on the severity of the situation, please note it is not uncommon to have to treat twice to achieve total elimination, especially when dealing with heavy infestations. The nice thing about using these non-toxic, natural bed bug killer formulations is that you can’t over treat. 

The ACT 6-Step Detailed Bed Bug Protocol

These Steps May Be Completed in a Single Day or Be Extended Over a 72 Hour Period if Necessary.

Step 1- Laundry

Bed bugs and bed bug eggs exposed to temperatures of 113°F or higher for a sustained period will die. (Note, when treating bed bugs, your washer and dryer, set at the highest heat setting, are your best friends for treating clothing and bedding from the infected areas.

Check List

  • Strip all bedding, sheets, blankets, pillow cases etc., along with any laundry found on the floor of infected spaces, bag, seal and remove to hot wash and hot dry.
  • Wash all bed sheeting and clothing on normal cycle, hot water. Dry all items including stuffed animals on “High Heat” dryer cycle, (185 degrees) dry for an hour. As an added precaution many hotel and care center customers wash infected linens and clothing using 2 ounces of PCO Concentrate per load. Fill washer and dryer loads ¾ full, DO NOT OVERFILL.
  • Bag all washed and dried items in a NEW garbage bags and seal, do not return to treated area until after all spray/fumigation treatment steps have been completed.


Step 2- Inspection & Furniture Prep

Remove mattress from box springs and sustain it against a wall, same for box springs with the bottom (Mesh side) facing the middle of the room. Open all drawers and cupboards and move all furnishings away from the walls for easy access.

You don’t need a bug bed-smelling dog to find bed bugs; just a bright LED flashlight, a small mirror, a little curiosity and common sense. Although small, bed bugs are visible to the eye. Generally bed bugs seek out dark and hidden places like cracks and crevices and holes, or under folds of tufted furniture and bedding. Start with the bed- mattress, box springs, headboard and side rails.

Check List

  • Move Furniture 2-3ft away from walls, stand up box springs, bottom side (with batting) facing center of the room, place headboard, side railing and mattresses against a wall for inspection and spray treatment.  Inspect all sides of the mattress; inspect all buttons, seams and any rips or tears.
  • Inspect bed frame, box springs, headboard and side railings, inspect all near-to-the-bed furniture prior to spray treatment.

Step 3- Spray Treatment With Best Ever

Turn over furniture items and spray treat all cracks & crevices, screw holes and voids inside furniture, especially tufted chairs and couches that have deep folds, spray treat to wet inner folds well. (BEST EVER DOES NOT STAIN FABRIC)

Check List

  • Take all pictures off of wall and spray treat frames and wall hangings with Best Ever, wetting all cracks and crevices, Inspect and spray treat cracked wallpaper, areas of peeling paint as well as gaps around door and window frames.
  • Gather and carefully inspect all appliances, lamps, etc., then spray treat with Best Ever.
  • Remove any shoes and clothing items from closets, inspect and spray treat with Best Ever as needed. Remember Best Ever will not stain fabrics. Hanging clothes in closets can be left loosely hanging and can be fogged with Best Ever in the next step of the protocol; (reduce the fogger VMD to the low setting) Remove all “clutter” items off floors, carefully inspect and spray treat with Best Ever.
  • Thoroughly spray treat with Best Ever all cardboard hangers, boxes, books, backpacks and other belongings that are suspected as a bed bug hiding place.
  • Inspect and spray treat curtains and blinds thoroughly, Curtains may be fogged very effectively with Best Ever.

Step 4- Molecular Crowding Fumigation With Best Ever

Check List

  • Leave all spray treated items in rooms, open up cupboards, drawers and closets.
  • Temporarily disable smoke alarms. (Best Ever’s extremely small molecular size is often detected as smoke and can set off smoke alarms)
  • Fill up fogger reservoir with Best Ever and adjust VMD setting on fogger to medium. Wear an easy breathing mask during fumigation treatment.  Fog the entire home, all rooms including the attic. 1 gallon of Best Yet will treat approximately 1,700 square ft. using the medium setting on the fogger machine.
  • Fog all contents in room pointing the fogger into all cracks, crevices, gaps and nooks.  Liberally fog directly through the batting on the underside of box springs.
  • Anyone inside the home during the fumigation step needs to wear an easy breathing mask. After creating a dense Best Ever cloud inside each room, including attic and all cubbyholes, seal up the house or apartment for a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Any live plants and all other people, pets, birds and snakes need to vacate during fogging. Reopen the house after 2 hours, open windows and doors to air out, the strong smell will dissipate quickly leaving behind a cedar closet fresh smell.

Step 5- Spray Treat, Then Re-Fumigate With d-Mize III

Check List

  • Spray treat with d-Mize III, all cracks, crevices and cubbyholes.
  • Spray treat with d-Mize III along tack strips under carpet perimeter edge and behind baseboards, treat any gaps and cracks.
  • Spray treat all visible holes and cracks in walls.
  • Spray treat with d-Mize III into wall voids via wall electrical, cable and other miscellaneous wall outlets. Remember the d-Mize III solution is silicon based and not conductive. Your objective is to leave d-Mize III as a barrier spray for continued residual action.
  • After spray treatment, repeat molecular crowding fumigation with the ACT ULV Tri-Jet Fogger Machine step using d-Mize III as described in Step 4.

Step 6- Vacuums and Clean Up

Check List

  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpet areas, and/or wipe down all floors and counter surfaces to remove any excess oil residual left behind.
  • Carefully remove vacuum bag OUTSIDE, place in plastic garbage bag, seal and dispose off.
  • Empty ACT Tri-Jet Fogger machine of any excess product prior to storage, pouring leftover back into original container.

Should I Throw Away All My Stuff?

Unlike most pest control companies, American Cedar Technologies DOES NOT ENDORE throwing perfectly good furnishings away. Rather, we recommend treating them thoroughly and non-toxically with Best Ever and/or d-Mize II or d-Mize III to return these valued and familiar furnishings to use. Obviously if you have an old torn up, heavily stained mattress, toss it. Discard items only if they are heavily infested, hopelessly torn or perhaps bed bug fecal stained to the point of spoiling the fabric.  Most perfectly good furniture infected by bed bugs can be completely cleansed and saved via treatment with Best Ever and/or d-Mize III.

The 120-Hour Natural Bed Bug Cleanse

Do you have personal items greatly valued, yet too fragile for a spray or fumigation treatment? For these unique items including antiques, heirloom items, collectables, old books and paperwork, electronic and or computing devices, we recommend our 120-Hour Natural Bed Bug Cleanse, a non-invasive tactic for removing bed bugs, nymphs and eggs from the most delicate items.