The Red Texas Cedar Tree

Abundant and Sustainable, Covering Millions of Acres Throughout The Hill Country of Texas

PHOTO: Garner State Park, located just a few miles away from of our cedar oil production plant.

Cedar Bug Killing Products That Kill Bugs Naturally. Pet and People Safe Non-Toxic Bug Killer Sprays.

From Junk Tree to International Pest Control Asset: Juniperus Virginiana L.

That old saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”, perfectly sums up our story. The research, testing and subsequent invention of our disruptive cedar technologies took what local ranchers and farmers despise as a junk tree and turned a local liability into an international pest control asset.

The products we created 20 years ago are no longer just local favorites. People tell people about things they love, and through those early and long lasting relationships with our customers, today we sell our products all over the world! 

What’s in Your Cedar Oil, Why is It Different?

Did you know that cedar oil has been used to control pests since the days of the sphinx? We often wonder if Texas ranchers and farmers simple never got that memo. Interestingly, there are over a hundred naturally occurring compounds found in cedar oil, half of which don’t yet have a name. These “named” and “yet to be named” compounds appear as important blips on a spectra analysis readout. Ever since our humble beginnings as CedarCide Industries in the early 90s’, all of the focus, research and subsequent development of our cedar oil technologies have always been- “pest control specific”. We certainly did not invent cedar oil, however, after decades of continual improvement through careful experimentation with these compounds, we believe we’ve perfected it for our purpose.

How do we manufacture such powerful cedar oil formulations that kill bugs naturally?  After harvesting, grinding and superheated steam extraction of the raw cedar oil, we deliberately fractionate and modify the oil specifically to enhance its bug killing properties. Our propriety fractionating process coupled with the most effective, non-toxic carriers available, provide a natural bug killing solution. Yes our oil is unique in that it has been intentionally intensified to command advanced insect knock down and mortality.  Still our Juniperus Virginiana based formulations are people, pet and planet safe. Our products offer parents, pet owners and homeowners an ecologically friendly and poison-free alternative for the control of ants, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, scorpions and a long list of common pest bugs.

What Does Your Cedar Oil Do, How Does It Kill Bugs Naturally?

Once fractionated, the oil content used in our cedar product line does far more than just repel non-beneficial insects. First, our proprietary cedar oil composition acts as an octopaminal provocateur, interrupting the insects’ reception of key semiochemicals messages critical for survival. Additional pest control modes of action including immediate knockdown/mortality, ovicidal, anti-feedant and growth inhibitor characteristics are observed depending on the carriers used.

For example, our indoor ready-to-use products, Best Ever and Industrialisimo, are CONTACT KILLER sprays, both are ovicidal. Conversely, Pest Control Outdoors (PCO) and YardGuard, designed for outdoor use, DO NOT KILL ON CONTACT. However these concentrates offer additional modes of action to get the job done offering customers IMMEDIATE INSECT REPELLENCY, insect growth inhibition, anti-feedant and ovicidal modes of action.