Cold Pressed Neem Oil Products That Do Not Stink

Safe and effective bed bug, flea and mite pest control for pros.

d-Mize II & d-Mize III, have been manufactured exclusively for Professional Exterminators

The West may imagine that neem based pest control is something rather new, developed over the past few decades. Quite the opposite is the historical case. The sacred neem tree has flourished in abundance in India for over 5,000 years. It might as well be named the most popular and practical plant on the planet.

Neem Seeds contain the active ingredient-Azadirachtin Indica.

Neem Seeds contain the active ingredient-Azadirachtin Indica.

Inhabitants of India have counted on neem as “the curer of all aliments” for centuries. Neem has a vast variety of medicinal uses, from leprosy to contraception, however what catches our attention is that neem seed oil kills bugs naturally. Tested and proven worldwide to be influential against more than 200 species of insects.

Our goal was to formulate a professional pest control product with all the natural might of Azadirachtin, without the stink, separation and solidification. After considerable trial and error, the cold pressed neem seed extract finally responded to our proprietary temperature influenced processing. We are fortunate to have fashioned a super easy to use and effective, non-toxic neem spray for DIY, professional pest control and agriculture.

Cold pressed Neem Oil Approved For Indoor Bed Bug Control

In March, 2012, after a 90-day dermal and inhalation toxicity testing as specified in the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. (FIFRA) The agency deemed that the data supported the addition of a “new use” for indoor control of bed bugs. In regard to the pesticidal usage of Cold Pressed Neem Oil The EPA further indicated that it “will not cause any harmful environmental effects, nor cause adverse effects to mammals, birds, fish and aquatic invertebrates, other non-target insects, or plants”.

 Additionally, Cold Pressed Neem Oil is approved and listed with OMRI. (Organic Materials Review Institute)

Get to Know the New and Powerful Neem Seed Extract Products for the Americas

American Cedar Technologies’ NeemaSölv and d-Mize lineup offer Pest Control Operators and DIY users an economical and ecological indoor and outdoor insecticidal spray without the drawbacks of strong odor, non-solubility, separation and storage issues.

  • Ready to Use Cold Pressed Neem Insect Control Sprays- (Including Bed Bug Control)

d-Mize I, d-Mize II and d-Mize III -Non-Aqueous RTU Spray-

A crack and crevice, fumigant spray available in three versions of active neem strength; 5%, 10% or 20%


  • 100% Active Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil Concentrate


NeemaSölv -Water Soluble Concentrate-

A 100% active cold pressed neem seed oil concentrate for use as a foliage spray, ground soak and as a mosquito misting systems solution.

  • Potent and Non-Toxic Companion Animal Flea and Tick Spray

4-K9 Our most potent, longest lasting flea and tick formulation, especially designed fr dogs and puppies. 4-K9 harnesses the multi modes of action of the limonoids found abundantly in our temperature influenced cold pressed neem seed oil.

Reduce Call Backs, Save Money, Offer Guarantees

All of our Neem Seed Oil Extract pesticide products work both actively and residually to get adult insects without skipping nymphs and eggs. What is the upside for adding these powerful yet non-toxic Neem products to your current arsenal?

  • Expand Organic Customer Base
  • Minimize Health and Legal Liabilities
  • Win Over Customers With Chemical Concerns.
  • Offer Guarantees and Lower Call Back Costs. (It is nice to have a guarantee: NO more bite bites, NO poisons and NO more callbacks)

New to Neem? Learn more, take 5-minutes and watch the video below...




  • Highly Effective Against Over 200 Insects
  • Non-Toxic, Kid and Pet Safe
  • Delivers Active and Inactive Characteristics

Looked Into Neem Oil Before?

If you’ve looked into Neem before and said no because of the drawbacks, its time to look again.

Although Neem oil is clearly an excellent natural insect control agent, some operators often find that it is difficult to mix and prepare and complain about the intense odor, like the smell of burning hair and rubber bathed in garlic.

We have great news for both DIY homeowners and Pest Control Professionals that have tried Neem before and rejected it. Due to the development of our "Temperature Influenced Manufacturing Process", we have successfully formulated Neem oil products that don’t stink and don't require mixing or additional emulsifiers.

Present this product to your customer by spraying it in a corner, letting your client know that this is as strong as it gets. Customers will be pleased, positive and agreeable to adopt our no stink Neem products.