Why We Do What We Do

When new colleagues or friends ask: “What do we do at American Cedar Technologies?” (Formerly CedarCide Industries). I tell folks that we are in the Earth Preservation Business. Someone has to do it, and we mean business.

I observe that we are all under the slow drip of a slightly shy of fatal dose of nerve-toxic pesticide contamination.   The evidence is reflected in EWG’s Dirty Dozen, foods most contaminated by pesticides.  Even Organic farmers are under serious threat of the ever-expanding chemical drift.

Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring was published in September of 1962, I was 6 years old, thus I knew nothing of her work until years later. When I read it I was devastated, and then inspired by her elegant summary of the state of the pesticide industrial complex, born from chemical weapons leftovers.  

More recently, Ms. Christina Sarich, writing for Nature Society reports that in the UK, it has been estimated that enough pesticide is used to account for 420g for every woman, man, and child. That’s about an imperial pound of poison each... not good news guys. She points out that its even worse in the United States.  

Speaking of our English friends, have you hear the latest? Think the fleas are bad this year here at home? The Brits are desperately fighting an invasion of fleas with giant Penises, and these well-endowed bloodsuckers are immune to exterminator’s poisons. Seriously, check out the article penned by Peter Henn here.  

Bloody hell! Billions of pounds of deadly nerve-toxic lab elixirs dumped on my planet each year! There are over 50,000 different synthetic pesticides globally, with over 600 active ingredients and what do we get? Super shagging mutant fleas now resistant to their best. Blimey mates, please switch to our red Texas cedar oil based flea killer spray; Best Ever and lickety-split!

This is why we do what we do, despite the obstacles and challenges. This is why Rachel inspires us. She nailed it eloquently when she wrote: "Isn’t it ironic to think that man might determine his own future by something so seemingly trivial as the choice of an insect spray."  

On a lighter note, here’s some good news. Last month we unveiled two new, non-toxic flea killing sprays, even fleas with large penises. Both have been crafted without nerve-toxic poisons: 4-KAT specifically for cats and kittens, and 4-K9, specifically formulated for dogs and puppies.

Think Neem, Think Stink? Not Any More.

I wonder how many people, repulsed by the smell, abort mission-neem before they even give it a try?

If you have tried to use neem in the past unsuccessfully because of the drawbacks, perhaps its time to try neem once again, we think you’ll like d-Mize and Neemasölv. Both products pack the power of azadirachtin without the stink.