Think Neem, Think Stink? Not Any More.

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     The natural pure cold pressed neem oil extract we use arrives as a gelatinous blob chock full of   azadirachtin, nimbin, nimbidin and nimbinene plus waxes, bitter principles, tannins, flavonoids and sesquiterpene derivatives. 

The natural pure cold pressed neem oil extract we use arrives as a gelatinous blob chock full of azadirachtin, nimbin, nimbidin and nimbinene plus waxes, bitter principles, tannins, flavonoids and sesquiterpene derivatives. 

Think Neem, Think Stink? Not Any More.

Think Neem, Think Stink? Not Any More.


I discovered the power of stink while camping with our dog that was sprayed by a skunk in the middle of the night. Shaken awake by a nightmare odor, fumbling with only the Milky Way to see with, I unwittingly let the howling beast into the backseat of our car to keep him out of further trouble. In addition to the direct hit sustained by Pepé Le Pew, his midnight wandering produced 6 porcupine quills in his nose, what a night.

The next morning we realized that our freshly sprayed troublemaker had spread the stink to the very fabric of the car. An odor so strong that you feel it at a cellular level of repulse. The next morning we drove the 500 miles home with our heads hanging out the window. It took several days before I got the ghastly taste out of my mouth; we ended up selling the car. That was the worst stink I had ever encountered until last September when I first sniffed cold pressed neem oil.

Since 2009 I have read a great number of accolades about neem. People from all over the world, outside of the US, have turned to neem to kill bugs naturally for millennia.  With such a glowing heritage I wondered “why isn’t it way more popular here?”

Our very first barrel of pure cold pressed neem oil extract arrived last fall; I was present when the guys removed the drum top. It only took one quick sniff and I had a theory as to why neem had not “taken off”, why so popular a substance wasn’t in every American kitchen yet. The odor was nauseous and that’s being kind. One inhalation makes your whole body feel uneasy, the sensation that something vile, doused in rotting garlic, is burning close by. This is a stench so strong it activates adrenaline and rushes it to every muscle associated with rapid flight…

Bad smell is such a big turn off. This internationally known bug killer would stand a better chance of winning hearts, minds and noses in America if it didn’t reek. What do you do with something so good that smells so awful? Its too bad really, this stuff controls over 200 species of unwanted insects non-toxically, but the stink is going to be an immediate deal breaker for all but the most courage noses I know.”

After 20 years working with the cedar oil, (Juniperus Virginiana L.) and all of its eccentricities, we know organic essential oils can be mighty tricky. Gathering from all of our past experience and resources, we set out with three objectives in mind for the formulation our neem products.

First and foremost, we wanted to use only pure cold pressed neem seed oil that kept all the power of its azadirachtin. Azadirachtin is one of the many triterpenoid compounds responsible for neem’s effectiveness as a pest control agent. From the beginning, we had ruled out working with any kind of clarified hydrophobic neem oil, because much of the good stuff had been cooked out.

Second, we needed two distinct neem products, a highly concentrated water-soluble version for organic agriculture use and a non-aqueous, ready-to-use fluid for pest control operators.

Third, we wanted to attempt an improvement in the stink department. Perhaps we could boost neem’s acceptance and appeal if it didn’t smell so wretched.

The American nose is a picky and instantaneous alarm device, it will roll up the welcome mat in a mili-wif when something doesn’t smell right. We are all about eliminating the stinky from dirty little daily tasks. In America air freshener sales soar. Here any woman with a smelly dog or husband can find stink stopping solace in a bottle of Febreeze. We spend a great deal of money for the sake of the nose. In a country known for blissfully scented garbage can liners and toilet paper, I’m thinking- “there’s gotta be something we can do about the smell of neem??”

It only took the crew a month to come up with products that amazed us, starting with the smell. Everyone’s anticipated grimaces were replaced with smiles of yummy sweet citrus, both products smelled great!

During initial field-testing in Mexico, along with a select number of pest control operators here, we’ve seen some very positive results. The multiple modes of action that neem wields make it an excellent bed bug product as discovered by John Vallerand, President of North West Pest Control in Massachusetts- “The technicians love it, its safe and works on everything”. Calvin Thigpen, owner of Texas Bugs R US in Houston, is testing two of our products as possible new weapons in his non-toxic bed bug arsenal. As a knockdown spray he observed- “It works 10 times faster than my aerosols”. Testing continues, but from all reports in so far, it appears that we’ve come up with two powerful and effective non-toxic neem insecticide-ovicide formulas that smell surprisingly nice.

For Pest Control-

We have created a ready to use, non-aqueous line featuring 3 levels of cold pressed neem by volume.

For homeowners- d-Mize I with 5%,

For Professional Pest Control Operators- d-Mize II at 10% and d-Mize III at 20%.

For Organic Gardening and Agriculture-

We formulated Neemasölv, a 100% active product that is easy to mix, just add water. No nasty odor, no additional emulsifiers needed. Not only does Neemasölv smell good, it doesn’t separate or solidify. This super concentrate makes an economical and effective organic foliage spray or a non-toxic ground soak.

I wonder how many people, repulsed by the smell, abort mission-neem before they even give it a try? If you have tried to use neem in the past unsuccessfully because of the drawbacks, perhaps its time to try neem once again, we think you’ll like d-Mize and Neemasölv. Both products pack the power of azadirachtin without the stink. Pest Control Pros click here, we’ll be happy to set up a test drive, try out these new neem formulations for yourself.