Best Ever Bug Repellent Spray

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Best Ever Bug Repellent Spray

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A Natural Bug Repellent Spray Made From Cedar

Our Best Ever bug repellent spray offers you a natural and effective way to protect your family from biting bugs. Each 4-ounce spritzer is loaded with over 500 squirts of chemical free bug repellent protection.

Lather and slather Best Ever on your unprotected parts before you run wild and free. With regular application, Best Ever will camouflage your presence from mosquitoes, chiggers, fleas and other nibbling knaves that want a taste of your blood.

Apply Best Ever to Skin, Clothing and Gear

Generously spritz Best Ever on skin, as you would apply a lotion, rub it in. One application will provide hours of chemical free bug repellency. Apply liberally until you glisten, allow it to absorb, it will leave skin feeling and smelling good, except to insects. Apply Best Ever to clothing and gear, it will not stain nor melt plastic.

Our NO DEET bug repellant spray may be reapplied as needed without the worry of contamination. Be prepared for biting bugs with a natural bug repellant spray that’s nice on skin, nasty on bugs.

Love Nature, Hate The Bug Bites?


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Finally, a Nice Smelling Natural Repellent Alternative Without DEET

With ever growing public concern about the known dangers of synthetic pesticides used on and around people, including DEET. (N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide) We offer Best Ever is an effective chemical free bug repellent alternative for families focused on safety. Protect your family from bug bites without toxicity or contamination with an effective, great smelling all natural repellent spray.

More Than a Natural Bug Repellent Spray

Best Ever is a completely chemical free insecticidal-ovicidal, miticidal product. The founders originally created the Best Ever formula as a non-toxic flea spray. As experimentation continued and understanding evolved, it became obvious that not only was Best Ever effective against a vast number of bug species as a direct kill spray, the formula proved to be highly effective as a natural mosquito repellent spray for on-person application for all ages, including babies and the elderly.

Skin soothing Best Ever offers serious natural bug repelling protection by making your skin’s pheromones undetectable, no matter how delectable you are, masking your scent so bugs don’t sense you, no matter how sensual you might be. So lather and slather Best Ever on the ones your love, lather and slather it on a little less the ones you don’t.

Use Our Natural Mosquito Repellent to Keep the Mosquitoes Away

Experts estimate that there are somewhere around 250 Trillion insects for every square mile of land surface. Just when you think you've landed in nature’s paradise, the bugs show up, eager to sip your blood. In recent years, we’ve seen an exponential increase in the number of cases of West Nile and Dengue worldwide.  Even if you are lucky enough to live in a relatively safe area, the sobering fact is that a bite from the wrong bug could make you very ill. Protect yourself and the ones you love with Best Ever natural mosquito repellent spray.

These sleek personal spritzers are refillable and fit anywhere. Perfect for purse, backpack, or the glove box. Why not purchase a batch of Best Ever bug repellent today and be prepared and protected whenever and wherever you must battle biting bugs.

American Cedar Technologies Manufactures The Best Natural Bug Repellent Spray for all Ages. We Invite You to Discover Our Effective and Great Smelling, NON DEET Bug Repellent Spray, Best Ever.