d-Mize II

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d-Mize II

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IPM Neem Pest Control Products

This integrated pest management product is formulated with cold pressed neem seed oil. American Cedar Technologies' d-Mize lineup offers Pest Control Operators and homeowners a ready to use, economical and ecological insecticidal spray without the drawbacks of strong odor, non-solubility, separation and storage issues.

·      Direct & Residual Modes of Action Reduces Call Backs


·      Combat Chemical Resistant Insects including Cimex lectularius


·      Safe for Children, Pet, Elderly & Crew

No Stink Azadirachtin for Exterminators

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d-Mize II Has Been Approved For Use in Africa Against Ticks, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Flying Cockroaches and More!

To summarize, to this date we have not seen any pesticides product that gives such high performance of terminating all kinds of insects/bugs and with such prompt death of the parasites.
— Dr. Ahmed Osman “Gabalax”

In Addition to The Approval of our Ready-To-Use Neem Oil Spray, d-Mize II, The Ministry Also Approved our Water Soluble Neem Oil Concentrate; NeemaSölv.

Neem Pest Control Products Specifically Formulated for Exterminators

Our goal was to formulate a professional pest control product line up with all the natural might of Azadirachtin, without the stink, separation and solidification. After considerable trial and error, the Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil Extract finally responded to our proprietary temperature influenced processing. We are fortunate to have fashioned three super easy to use and effective neem products in three versions of active neem strength.

All d-Mize versions are non-aqueous RTU sprays, d-Mize II and d-Mize III of our lineup were originally formulated for professional exterminators and are now available to DIY customers and homeowners. d-Mize II and III offer an effective alternative when it comes to a natural treatment spray for unwanted home invading insects including fleas, bed bugs, roaches, silverfish, earwigs, mites and ants.

Note: The EPA Approved Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil For The Treatment of Bed Bugs in May of 2012. 

d-Mize II and d-Mize III are both pleasant smelling, no fuss spray fumigants. These neem-powered insecticide-ovicide products, with two distinct magnitudes of active ingredient, provide PCO’s and Do It Yourselfers with 2 highly potent natural options.


Professional Neem Pest Control Products

d-Mize II carries a 10% quotient of active ingredient, (Azadirachtin Indica) double the power of anything available within it’s unique category.

d-Mize II may be used as a general insecticidal spray for crack and crevice or used as a structural fumigant. Apply d-Mize with a pump-up sprayer, pressure sprayer or with a fogger including ULV units.

Regular monthly treatment made with d-Mize II will keep customers bug-free and pleased.

Looking for a lower dosage neem oil product for occasional bug free maintenance? Try our d-Mize I with a 5% load of cold pressed neem seed oil.

As a knockdown product both d-Mize II and d-Mize III rivals the best commonly used synthetics. It may surprise you just how fast this spray will kill bugs naturally.

Kills Bed Bugs 10 Times Faster Than My Aerosols
— Calvin from Texas Bugs R US