NeemaSölv Concentrate

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NeemaSölv  Front Label.png
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NEEMASOLV Neem Bug Killer For Outside UseGa B.jpg

NeemaSölv Concentrate

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Neem Without The Stink, Separation and Solidification

Our goal was to formulate a professional pest control product with all the natural might of Azadirachtin, without the stink, separation and solidification. After considerable trial and error, the cold pressed neem seed extract finally responded to our proprietary temperature influenced processing. 

NeemaSölv -Water Soluble Concentrate-

A 100% active cold pressed neem seed oil concentrate for use as a foliage spray, ground soak and as a mosquito misting systems solution.

Use Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil Extract For:



Neem (Azadiracta indica) is a tropical evergreen tree native to the Indian sub-continent. This tree has a history of growing up to 50 ft. high and has been used for many different purposes for more than 4,500 years. In the ancient language Sanskrit, neem is called Sarva Roga Nirvani- “a cure of all ailments”. (That Would Include Controlling Unwanted Insects Too) Neem has been used for centuries for medical, cosmetic and pesticidal purposes.

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The active pesticidal compounds in neem are known as “triterpenes”, specifically, “limonoids”.
There are at least ten limonoids in neem, including azadirachtin, salannin, meliantriol and nimbin. First isolated in 1968, azadirachtin is thought to be the most bioactive ingredient found in the mix; however, such speculation may be due to it having been investigated more thoroughly then the other compounds. (Thacker 2002, Quarles 1994).
Decades of research suggest that azadirachtin is one of the most potent growth regulators and feeding deterrents ever tested. We respect the complex interrelationship between the many components found in raw cold pressed neem oil extract, including all the limonoids, fatty acids, amino acids and esters that have a synergistic roll in pest control.

For that reason we have deliberately stayed away from the striped down clarified hydrophobic neem offerings, we wanted to create a product with all the good stuff and pest killing power we could squeeze out of it. A study conducted at Washington State University in conjunction with the W.R. Grace and Company, confirming our rational, found that products containing both azadirachtin and neem oil have greater efficacy in controlling aphids than either ingredient alone. (Stark and Walter 1995).

Interestingly, as of 1995, neem had proven effective against 324 insect species. These neem limonoids produce seven distinct modes of action against unwanted insect invaders, and they include the following:


1) Feeding Deterrence:

Leaf-eating insects simple stop eating and die.

2) Insect Growth Regulation:

Neem suppresses Ectyzone, trapping the insect in the larval stage, eventually causing death.

3) The Disruption of Mating:

Hormonal disruption drastically reduces or altogether stops mating routines.

4) Oviposition Deterrence:

Neem reduces pest populations by deterring females from laying eggs.

5) Repulsion:

Neem oil contains several sulfur-like compounds that can repulse and repel insects.

6) Adult Sterilization:

Susceptible males are sterilized by neem compounds, many females of the species are similarly affected.

7) The Poisoning of Larvae and Adults

Neem blocks the insects ability to “swallow” and the inhibits of the formation of chitin, the hard section covering the exoskeleton.

NeemaSölv Was Recently Approved For Use as a Livestock Dip in Africa!

For Treatment of Goats, Sheep, Camels and Cattle Against Fleas, Ticks, Keds and Other Common Livestock Parasites