ACT Tri-Jet ULV Fogger


ACT Tri-Jet ULV Fogger


The ACT Tri-Jet ULV Fogger

The right equipment to make DIY green pest control a reality.

Often, the delivery system is as important as the product being dispensed. The ACT Tri-Jet Fogger is a non-thermal device that emits a cold fog in an ultra low volume, great for structural fumigation. Prudent homeowners that elect to do their own Green Pest Control love the ease and efficiency The Fogger lends them.

It is generally accepted by industry professionals that fogging is the most efficient method of control, as only smaller amounts of pesticides get used in the process.

The ACT Fogger is a professional grade tool that makes DIY Green Pest Control a whole lot easier. Customers who periodically fumigate report excellent result keeping pests out of the house. Not only are they pest free, they are pesticide free since our spray fumigants contain zero synthetic chemical nerve toxicants.

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Professional Results -Easy to Operate

Do it yourself pest control folks that want professional results will be attracted to this handy, lite weight ULV Fogger, its easy to keep your home and your sacred living space pest free and pesticide free. Pour any of our green fumigants into The ACT Fogger.

Since our products are classified as FIFRA 25b, applying these products does not require a license. This makes our non-toxic indoor fumigant products available to homeowners and do-it-yourselfers who are seeking all organic DIY pest control.

Our molecular crowding protocol of dispensing our fumigants is designed to provide maximum penetration and permeation into the deepest pockets and bug hiding cavities. Adding The ACT Tri-Jet to your arsenal will give you a real edge when dealing with bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, gnats, earwigs, silverfish, scorpions and other arthropods that may be inhabiting your home, garage, attic or barn.