How to Get Paid For Being a Friend-Introducing The Eco-Angel Alliance

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just get paid for being good friends, get paid for sharing a really good idea with neighbors and family? Well, that’s exactly the idea behind The Eco-Angel Alliance, to allow our customers to earn extra money for themselves. This Alliance is about our customers profiting from sharing.

We will pay you to tell people about our products, the more people you tell, the more you get paid. When you share our story, we share the profits with you. The more you share, the more you profit.

American Cedar Technologies’ Eco-Angel Alliance is a simple, mutually beneficial partnership with our customers and their communities. We offer the alliance project as a simple solution to sky-high unemployment and underemployment in our Country today. Many of our customers need more income and we need more customers.

Effective immediately, we will provide interested ACT customers with an uncomplicated, pyramid free path to earn generous and reoccurring extra income from home by sharing our eco-friendly message and products with family, friends and neighbors. 

Eco-Angels can offer popular ACT products in their local community at the same prices found on-line and earn handsome commissions. The Alliance provides access to deeply discounted pricing, offering you, our most loyal customers, the most lucrative compensation plan we have every offered.

The Eco-Angel Alliance is not a get rich Scheme, nor is it some complex multi-level marketing program. Rather a simple, organic path to earning extra income from your home or business.

The past few years have been financially challenging for many Americans. We have all seen families cut back, tighten their belts, often taking on a second or third job to make ends meet. Like any family owned business we’ve had to cut back and tighten our belt as suppliers ratchet prices up. Our biggest expense is the cost of getting our message to market.

Over the years scores of customers have asked us: “How could I represent, sell or be part of what you do and your products, I really believe in them?” We are convinced that folks that have to take on a second job to make extra money would highly prefer working with something they sincerely believe in. So if you are someone that believes in our products and our message perhaps the Eco-Angel Alliance could be for you.


Our Message: Stop Poisoning Ourselves and Our Pets!

The mission of the Eco-Angel Alliance is to curb chemical contamination in our homes and communities. It’s up to us that care to teach our friends, train our families and talk to our neighbors about non-toxic alternatives. Why would anyone continue to use products containing synthetic chemical poisons that contaminate all of our most precious resources; our drinking water, our crop raising soil, the air we breath, when perfectly viable non-toxic alternatives exist?

Today more than ever before in our history, we need cleaner-greener thinking, if we are to prevail as a species. We need cleaner-greener products that allow us to replace commonly used products containing chemical nerve-toxic poisons. What we need is a mighty army of Eco-Angels.

How Do I Become an Eco-Angel?

We have created 3 Start Up Packages designed to launch you forward with the right products, at the right time in the right place, your place, your neighborhood.

All three packages represent trial and sample sizes that can be easily shared within your circle of influence, with your friends and family.

Choose a package that best fits your budget to begin with. As you will see the commissions are quite generous. All packages feature our newest innovation: The All Animal Dispensing Flea Brush.

Know that by committing to any of the packages, you are from here forward part of the Eco-Angel Alliance, privy to our deepest discounts ever offered, our partner in this worldwide organic experiment!

Going forward as an Eco-Angel Alliance member means you will now have access to our entire line of non-toxic pest control and animal care products, in all available sizes and configuration, including our non-toxic wood treatment and sealing products and organic outdoor insect control products, all of our dispensing equipment, everything. Join us and we will provide you with a comprehensive Eco-Angel’s only discounted price sheet that represents our current product line, (and future products) all at significantly discounted prices.

Bare in mind that the MSRP is SUGGESTED and represents the price we have set here on our website. If you believe your particular market will bare a higher price point on an item, you are free to charge more. After all we are way down here in Houston, and you’re right there in your neighborhood with immediate access to the products your friends and family want. Folks pay extra for convenience all the time.

We Hope You'll Join Us!

Interested? You can reach us Monday-Friday 9am-6pm CST and Saturdays 8am-1pm by calling 832-299-2400 or you may fill out the intake form below and we will call you. Let us know in the message field, what is the best time to reach you.

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