Natural DIY Bed Bug Prevention and Control

Dear Do-It-Yourselfer, You Can Do This.

Chances are if you are reading this, you are doing research, because you either suspect or know you have bed bug trouble. Now you are trying to decide whether to take on a bed bug issue by yourself... Perhaps you have already spent money on something from the hardware store, yet failed to get rid of your bed bug problem. Choosing to take on your own bed bug control can seem daunting, it is however entirely doable. Thousands of folks have successfully curtailed their bed bug problem painlessly by using our products and all natural bed bug prevention and control protocol.  

As Denise Donovan, Founder of The International Bed Bug Resource Authority so aptly and correctly preaches-when it comes to bed bugs, “Early Detection Is Everything”.

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So with that in mind, speed is of the essence, the prompter your response, launching an effective DIY bed bug prevention and control protocol the better, and the easier to lick your bed bug problem.

If you’ve got bed bugs you are not alone. For the first time in 6 decades people are asking the question: “How do I get rid of bed bugs?” Some victims are so beaten down by the bed bug’s relentless, nightly attack, they cry out for the return of DDT. Some of our New York customers say that “they would prefer having rats over bed bugs”. Now that’s saying something! 

The Bed Bug Life Cycle, from egg, through 5 stages as nymphs, then adult. Each level of growth requires a blood meal.

The Bed Bug Life Cycle, from egg, through 5 stages as nymphs, then adult. Each level of growth requires a blood meal.

Yes, having bed bugs sucks, literally. Some pest control companies say they’re near impossible to treat, other pest professionals relate that bed bugs have grown resistant to their toxic chemical sprays. Alas, DDT was deemed ineffective on bed bugs in the United States by the late 1950’s, it simple won't work… Don’t despair, get to know a new generation of modern organic pesticides specifically designed to kill bed bugs, nymphs and eggs - get rid of mattress bugs in seconds.

Bed bugs are swarming in every state in the nation, we’ve seen a 500% increase in bed bug infestations in recent years. Bed bugs are everywhere; hotels, subways, hospitals, movie theaters, schools and airlines. Bed bug reports have risen to epidemic (pandemic) proportions and continue to soar higher.

Bed bugs feed on the blood of people, they are no respecter of persons, they care nothing about your social class, color or religion, when it comes to getting their human blood meal, bed bugs are equal opportunists. Today, bed bug infestations are found from the outhouse to The Whitehouse, people are vulnerable like never before. We very much appreciate an article from Mary Beth Breckenridge citing Susan Jones, entomologist and bed bug expert. Mary Beth shares 10 myths about Bed Bugs you absolutely need to know.

Important DIY Bed Bug Reality Check:

We know that regular people can take on and succeed in regular bed bug cases. There’s a big difference between a regular bed bug case, detected early, verses some nightmare bed bug case that has been raging unchecked long before your recent arrival. Be curious and realistic as you evaluate your case. Difficult, long established bed bug infestations will require more effort, more product and multiple applications, and quite probably, regularly scheduled on-going treatment to maintain comfort from further bed bug trouble.

Example: Someone who lives in a multi-family structure wherein some or all of the connected units are infested. (above, below, behind and on either side) Although you can clear your interior space effectively, without all connected community dwellers doing the same thing, you are all subject to re-infestation.

If you determine that you want a licensed and non-toxic pest management company to step in, call us and we will direct you to a non-toxic PCO near your location may. Additionally, we suggest you check for an IBBRA associated pest control operator in your area.

Non-Toxic Biological Insecticides For DIY Natural Bed Bug Prevention and Control 

American Cedar Technologies strides well outside the shadow of the petrol-chemical pesticide complex. We only formulate biological, non-toxic insecticides-ovicides, that are people and pet safe, however deadly to bed bugs in all stages. Today we have two robust biological tools to weigh down hard on bed bug populations, cedar oil-based Best Ever and cold pressed neem oil-based d-Mize II and d-Mize III. Both our cedar and neem oil based product lines are effective against pyrethroid and neonicotinoid-resistant bed bug strains.

About Cedar-Based Best Ever for The Use in The Control of Bed Bugs

Best Ever, our cedar oil based insecticide-ovicide provides rapid knock down and death to bed bugs in all stages, it works in seconds. This non-toxic formulation has been tested at The Insect Control Research laboratory for efficacy against bed bugs and fleas. See the video of the actual testing here. Early on, Rutgers entomologistDr. Changlu Wang ordered and tested this same formula marketed under the brand name: Best Yet. He wrote back to say, “BEST YET is highly effective against bed bugs including eggs when applied directly".

Bed Bug guru from Bed Bug Central, Jeff White recognized that our formulation (Today’s Best Ever) is one of the few FIFRA 25b bed bug products that actually kills adults and eggs.

About Cold Pressed Neem-Based d-Mize III For The Use in The Control of Bed Bugs

Our latest plant based biological Insecticide-ovicide is d-Mize III, a potent ready-to-use spray fumigant derived from neem seed oil extract. d-Mize III is brimming with a 20% load of temperature influenced cold pressed neem seed oil extract. This is a highly concentrated, azadirachtin-rich spray-fumigant product for use in the control of bed bugs. Modes of action- (growth regulator, anti-feedant, insecticide-ovicide)

Outside the United States, neem oil’s legacy of astonishing pest control properties has been highly regarded for centuries. Even though neem is effective against 200 species of insects, its intense smell has played a part in postponing its popularity in the West. We have successfully arrested the smell factor, formulating a neem product chock full of all the active limonoids, includingazadirachtin, nimbin, nimbidin and nimbineen, yet still smells pleasant. d-Mize III is not a clarified hydrophobic neem oil product.

Both Best Ever and d-Mize III parallel or best the performance of traditional chemical products used to get rid of bed bugs, including nymphs and eggs. These products have been used successfully by homeowners and pest professionals from Boston to Bahrain, from Hawaii to Haiti.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally, Instantly and Wisely

Your next step is to begin planning a bed bug funeral at your place utilizing the all natural, non-toxic, bed bug killers, Best Ever and d-Mize III.  Both Best Ever and d-Mize III, may be effectively applied via trigger sprayer, pump-up sprayer, B & G sprayer or dispensed via the Tri-Jet ULV Fogger Machine. We strongly recommend utilizing this fumigation device, this is a professional grade tool that will advance your cause to get rid of bed bugs effectively and economically.

For many years we have put together Do It Yourself Bed Bug Kits, including both products and application tools, specifically for the control of bed bugs. Today we offer homeowners a powerful one-two punch combination in our DIY bed bug control kits. Starting with- Best Ever for fast kill off. Then finishing with d-Mize III, for indirect and lasting natural bed bug prevention and control. d-Mize III will continue to kill adults and thwart egg hatch for weeks. 

Armed with the right protocol, the right products and the correct applicators you will have everything you need to get rid of bed bugs, nymphs and eggs from your sacred living space without expensive, toxic and often disappointing results from your local pest control operator. Get live tele-help Monday-Friday 9am till 6pm, call us at 877-669-0482. We will gladly assist you in mapping out an appropriate plan and DIY kit based on your needs.

DIY Apartment Bed Bug Control and Prevention Kit

DIY Apartment Bed Bug Control and Prevention Kit

How Much Product Will I Need To Get Rid of Bed Bugs? 

For an apartment up to 1200 sq. ft. in size, the kit will include a gallon of Best Ever and a half gallon of d-Mize III, a ready to fill trigger sprayer, a ½ half gallon pump-up pressure sprayer and two refillable 8-ounce spritzers, one with d-Mize III and one filled with Best Ever, for personal protection against bed bugs, mosquitoes and other biting insects.  Click Here to Order - $199.00

A larger home, or multi-family setting may require the Tri-Jet Fogger, 3 gallons Best Ever, 1 gallons of d-Mize III, a ready-to-fill trigger sprayer, half gallon pump-up pressure sprayer with two refillable 8-ounce spritzers, one with d-Mize III and one filled with Best Ever. Click to Order-$599.95

Need live help? Call us for detailed information or email us at Connect at 877-669-0482, Monday through Friday, from 9-6, we’re happy to assist you in preparing your personalized get rid of bed bug protocol, with enough product and the right applicators to complete the task. 


How Can I Detect Bed Bugs and The Signs of Bed Bugs Early?

If you even suspect you may be experiencing a case of bed bugs or perhaps your living situation puts you at greater risk of a bed bug infiltration, it is always a good idea to install a bed bug early detection system that can be vigilantly monitored prior to the problem becoming serious. Bed Bug Dot is a comprehensive and simple to read bed bug detection system that can give you the heads up on encroaching bed bugs before they become a disastrous and expensive nightmare.