So How Do You Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Cat, In Your Home, In Your Yard?

Chances are if you are reading this, you have already spent money on some kind of commercial flea spray, drop or pill or even had a visit from your local pest control operator, yet failed to get rid of your flea problem.  The flea treatment products sold at the hardware stores and the nasty chemicals the pest control guys use have something in common; they attempt to kill fleas by attacking their nervous system with toxic chemicals.

As expected the fleas, bed bugs and the rest of the insect kingdom have already developed resistance to these industry go-to pest control products, they’ve created super bugs that now require 1,000 time the dose.

Why do you think the Pet Industry continues to bring to market even more powerful nerve toxic elixirs, drops and pills, or why did the pest industry desperately lobby to bring Propoxur back for bed bugs in Ohio? Because the bugs are now resistant to last week’s death spray, they need a bigger weapon.

Quick and Safe Flea Control For Cats

A Wonderful Video From Eliot Garcia and The Kind to Cats Folks At  "Because Cats"

"Cats saved humanity from the brink of extinction. Remember the plague? Yeah ... cats." Please enjoy these unique and amazing fellow creatures.

Our protocol for killing fleas is completely different from the chemical approach. Since humans and our beloved pets have nervous systems too, we dismiss, with vigor, the use of any nerve toxic agents on our pets. (Examples: permethrin, deltamethrin, Bifenthrin, Fipronil and neonicotinoid agents)

Rather than follow the blind and senile petro-chemical fibbers, we’ve fashioned an organic, green flea spray that will get rid of fleas instantly yet it’s chemical free and safe for pets and people too. Best Ever kills fleas by attacking the flea breathing system, rather than the flea nervous system.

Some folks believe that bio-organic products don’t have the clout that chemical do. Nothing could be further from the truth. Life is busy, we all want to get our daily chores done, including getting rid of the fleas on Fluffy with speed and efficiency. If you want the fleas dead right now, you are in luck.

Both Best Ever (CedarScent) and 4KAT (Odorless) are spray-and-flea-dies kinds of sprays, it works in seconds. At our showroom in Houston, open to the local public of course, we get lots of K9 visitors.

Understandable, we have had only three feline guests in the past years. When new neighbors come in, we spray or brush their pooch and watch fleas instantly surface and die, or die trying to get off the pet, they are quite satisfied. Yes it’s that quick, and its non-toxic. You will get these same gratifyingly instant results applying our products to the fleas on your favorite feline. Best Ever and 4-KAT both offers quick and safe on-cat flea control, a nice combination.

How To Use Best Ever to Treat For Fleas On Your Cat and In The Cat Environment

Important Note: Fleas need a blood meal to live, any warm-blooded mammal will do, It doesn’t really matter, cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) like humans and dogs, dog fleas (Ctenocephalides canis) like cats and humans too, they gotta eat. Still, if given a menu, we believe fleas would overwhelmingly prefer cats, they are just soooo tasty.  

All cat owners know that unlike canines, felines come hard-wired with a certain, built in Cat-Attitude. Our experience with customers treating cats vs. dogs indicates that felines are far less likely to enjoy the treatment, no matter how effective it is. Nevertheless Best Ever and 4-KAT are excellent non-toxic alternatives to spot on flea and tick treatments for cats and kittens.

We recommend you Treat The Environment First, The Cat Last

Effective flea control must be addressed in two parts: on-the-pet and off-of-the-pet and we believe the best approach to use our product is in choosing to treat the environment first, then the pet. If you are seeing your cat scratching excessively or you are actually seeing fleas jumping on carpet or furniture, you are only seeing a small fraction of the flea population present. Typically, the adult fleas you see represent roughly 15%, the vast majority of the population is in the egg, larvae or pupil stage. Since flea eggs are not sticky they tend to drop and harbor in carpet and other materials where the animal frequents waiting for the right temperature, humidity and perhaps a little vibration to hatch.

Your vacuum is your trusty friend both prior to and after treatment with Best Ever. This simple step can advance your cause to get rid of fleas in your home by removing a large number of first stage fleas from the environment by vacuuming.

After vacuuming, its time to treat with our contact flea killer spray, Best Ever. So we begin by spraying the pet's environment with Best Ever first, then treat your cat(s) with 4-KAT.

Off-of-the-pet treatment must be concentrated on bedding, favorite napping, sunning and other favorite spaces, including carpet and furniture, this is where the fleas are breeding.  If you have indoor/outdoor cat(s), the off-pet treatment should include treatment to control fleas and ticks in the yard

Non-Toxic Cat Flea Prevention Treatment

On-Cat Application Tips

(Stealth and Sneakiness will help…;-)

how do you get rid of fleas on a cat?

Spritz or spray directly on back, neck, tummy, legs and tail, wetting to the skin, including pits and ears. Note, some cats dislike the sound of the spritz or spray, if so, try filling a shallow bowl with Best Ever or 4-KAT and sneak it on by dipping a favorite brush in the solution as you comb through the fur, or dipping your fingers in the bowl then hand pat Best Ever onto your pet’s fur.

Best Ever and 4-KAT will instantly kill all fleas exposed to the fluid, leaving the animal flea free. After treatment, you may towel pat the cat to reduce the remaining fluid, especially on longer haired breeds, then let your cat do what cats do best, groom. Clients frequently report that the treatment transforms their pet, making the coat shimmering soft and gorgeous.



Is Cedar Oil Safe For Cats?

First and foremost, we welcome each and every one of you to our endeavor to bring a safe and effective flea and tick control alternative to pet owners desperate to rid themselves and their beloved companions of both fleas and deadly synthetic chemicals.

We observe some rather malicious urban legends creeping across the web like a hot Texas zephyr.  These scary, misguided myths are so alarming that it would cause any pet owner, particularly those of us hopelessly in love with the often quirky, always enchanting feline persuasion, to run for our lives from any product containing cedar oil*. Perhaps here, once and for all, we can put a lid on this tempest in a teapot…

It is well documented, we humans have suffered through millenniums misguided by myths, “the world is flat” or “don’t touch the little birdy or the momma will reject it” total hogwash, yet embraced as truth, makes you wonder...

As usual, the most dangerous untruths are truths moderately distorted, as is the case with the claims in question.  Let see if we can tackle these “cedar oil, essential oil toxicity and cat concerns” directly, without giving away too much of the secret stuff. There are two frequently asked questions we get at least 10 times a week from customers, researchers even competitors. First, “Why does our cedar oil instantaneously kill parasites like fleas, bed bugs, lice etc., while cedar oil from other sources does not?” Second, “Why is your cedar oil safe to use on cats while other cedar oil is quite toxic?”

Prior to his death, Doc Ben addressed fellow cat owners concerns regarding the safely of using "our" cedar oil for cat flea control and prevention, suffice it to summarize, "Our pest control specific cedar oil continues to baffle the Veterinary-Companion Pet industry"

(*All cedar oil isn’t created equally, a major vexation for our opponents and competitors.)