d-Mize 1 Neem RTU Insect Killer Spray

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d-Mize 1 Neem RTU Insect Killer Spray

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Natural Neem Bug Killer Spray for Indoor Use

  • Ready to Use
  • Natural
  • Plant-Based Botanical Insecticide.

The d-Mize formulation is an easy to apply, cost effective treatment for the control of pyrethroid resistant insects including Bed bugs, Mites, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Earwigs, Ants, Spiders, Fleas and Ticks.

A Contact Killing Spray With a Residual

Use d-Mize as a Direct or Indirect Residual Treatment. d-Mize offers Homeowners seeking a DIY product two distinct modes of action. First, as a direct treatment, d-Mize acts as a contact killer insect spray against a wide variety of common pest insects. Second, as an indirect residual treatment, the lingering vapor of d-Mize will provide residual insect control activity for up to 20 days.

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Application Use, Rates and Schedule

Use d-Mize I for crack and crevice treatment or as a structural fumigant spray. Apply d-Mize I using a trigger sprayer or any powered equipment including high volume, low volume, electrostatic or ultra-low volume fogging. Use approximately 1 ounce of d-Mize I per 1.5-6 sq. ft. of surface depending on target material. One gallon of d-Mize I will treat approximately 1,500 square feet in a fumigation protocol.


d-Mize I is a proprietary blend of compounds including a temperature-influenced Pure Cold Pressed Neem Oil (CAS # 80265-1).



d-Mize may be applied safely to a number of indoor surfaces including carpets, fabrics, upholstery, painted and unpainted wood and metal materials. d-Mize may be applies as a spray (or fog) to bed frames, box springs, headboards, mattresses, linens, behind and under night stands, dressers, under or behind wall hangings, near moldings. Apply till wet any point where carpet and wall meet, anywhere Insects (especially bed bug and cockroaches) may be found. The direct spray of upholstery surfaces including cracks, crevasses, tufts, seems and edges will decrease the potential of further infestation of bed bugs. For best results allow a minimum of 3.5 hours drying time prior to re-entry. For on-going Bed Bug control, including eggs and nymphs re-apply every 7-14 days as needed.

Pre Testing Recommended on Questionable Surfaces

d-Mize I may cause damage or discoloration to certain materials and surfaces including papers, soft plastics, photographs and some flooring and finishes. We recommend a spot treatment test to an inconspicuous area of these materials before use.

Natural Insect Control

For multiple millennia humans have known of the bug killing power of Neem oil, it has been scientifically proven to control over 200 species of Insects, hexapods and nematodes.


Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum or using tobacco. Remove and wash contaminated clothes before reuse.