KreteSeal Concentrate

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KreteSeal A Wood, Concrete, Stucco, Asphalt and Fabric Sealer.png

KreteSeal Concentrate

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A Masonry & Wood Surface Protection and Restoration Sealer

As ambitious as we may be, when we take on the project of sealing a deck, fence, carport, driveway, brick fence or perhaps a log cabin, we hope that such a project need be done only once. Perhaps you’ve been searching for a concrete or wood sealing product designed and patented with “once” in mind? Introducing KreteSeal Concentrate, American Cedar Technologies’ latest breakthrough in surface restoration and protection.

KreteSeal Concentrate is in a state of the art class by itself.  When you apply KreteSeal to a masonry, wood, metal or fabric surfaces, not only are you coating the surface with an impenetrable layer of enduring strength, you are providing the surface with a muscly film of elasticity that will give as much as it will take.

Once treated KreteSeal’s pliancy allows for the inevitable and natural expansion and contraction of the surface without degradation. KreteSeal allows the material treated to do some stretching without breaking down.

KreteSeal is a water-based, milky thick marvel with unmatched durability and resilient flexibility. Professionals and homeowners alike will appreciate this advanced surface coating product that provides both strength and elasticity.

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A Flexible Glossy Sealant For Wood, Concrete, Fabric and Masonry Surfaces

KreteSeal is a sealing, protecting finishing glaze that’s long lasting and very pleasant on the eye. Use KreteSeal as a final cosmetic protecting step to make your deck, fence or wood furniture look good into perpetuity.

KreteSeal is a patented wood, concrete and fabric sealer. It is a topical sealant applied to the surface of indoor and outdoor wood including but not limited to decks, docks, fences, furniture and structural building material of all kinds. KreteSeal is an equally excellent concrete, brick, stone, tile and stucco sealer. KreteSeal can also be used to waterproof canvas tarps, tents, awnings and other weather exposed fabrics. This water based wonder that will make you and your project look good for years to come.

Thoroughly Clean All Surfaces First

Prior to sealing with KreteSeal we strongly recommend that all masonry and wood surfaces be thoroughly cleaned with ForeverWash to remove all visible dirt, dust, cobwebs, stains and other foreign material. ForeverWash may be used with a brush or a high pressure sprayer.

If you have a large scale-project with several hundreds of square feet or more surface area to be cleaned, may we suggest you spend the extra money and rent a high power pressure washer. ForeverWash preforms best when applied with high pressure. Home Depot and or Lowe's offer rentals at many locations.

How to Stabilize Wood Prior to Sealing

Before sealing wood with KreteSeal we highly recommend you apply ForeverWood, our non-toxic wood stabilizer first. Using ForeverWood as a companion product prior to sealing will insure lifetime adhesion. When wood is treated first with ForeverWood, KreteSeal’s longevity is assured simple because when you remove moisture from the wood, you remove all issues such as warping, cupping, bowing and fastener rejection.

ForeverWood is a non-toxic solvent-silane-neem oil-based water scavenging product. Once wood media has been treated with ForeverWood, you can add a subtle and protecting gloss to any wood project with KreteSeal. Learn more about ForeverWood.

Application For Sealing Wood


KreteSeal can be painted, rolled or sprayed onto the target surface with ease. KreteSeal is a ready to use formulation, however for lighter coating applications, KreteSeal can be diluted up to 4 to 1 with water.

Allow several hours drying time. Apply KreteSeal liberally, directly to the woods surface using a brush, roller, compression or airless paint sprayer. KreteSeal will penetrate the surface of the wood attaching itself to the fiber structure, leaving a glossy finish.

Additional applications may be necessary on vertical and overhead treatments. Remove any mildew and fungal organism stain using bleach. Rinse well when finished.


Application For Sealing Concrete-Stone-Brick-Stucco-Asphalt-Tile-Metal


Apply KreteSeal to any masonry surfaces with a brush, roller, compression sprayers or airless paint sprayer. KreteSeal is a fast drying formulation, if additional coats are desired, allow at least one hour before applying a second coat.


Application For Sealing Fabric Materials


On fabrics KreteSeal acts as a reactive softener, application creates an excellent anti-shrink effect and adds rebound resiliency to the treated material.

Clean both sides of fabric with soap and water eliminating any dirt embedded in the material. Apply KreteSeal with a brush, roller or compression sprayer. For best results apply to the bottom side of the fabric first. Allow several hours drying time prior to topside treatment.

In most cases drying time for wood, masonry, fabric or metal surfaces is 24 hours or less depending on humidity and temperature.

KreteSeal is a Eco-Friendly, Safe and Easy to Use Silicone Emulsion.