NeemaSölv Concentrate Water Soluble Neem Oil

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NeemaSölv Concentrate Water Soluble Neem Oil

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NeemaSölv is a Natural Insect Control Solution Made From Neem Oil. Proprietary Processing Eliminates Solidification, Separation and Foul Odor.


•      100% active concentrate.

•    Botanical Insecticide, Nematicide, Miticide

•      Insect Growth Regulator

•      Systemic Feeding Deterrent

•    Insect Repellent


American Cedar Technologies' proprietary production practice has rendered a 100% active and easy to use neem oil based formulation for home, garden, greenhouse and farm.

Research and testing worldwide has shown neem to be effective against  200 different Insect species. Neem oil provides natural Insect killing powers and is recognized worldwide as an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial and miticidal agent. 

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Application and Dilution

NeemaSölv requires no additional surfactant or emulsifier. To mix add 60f ambient temperature or warm water and circulate into suspension. NeemaSölv is designed for crop use as a soil drench or a foliar spray to control fungal organism and non-beneficial insects. For best results apply early morning or evening. Avoid spraying in full sunlight or when temperatures exceed 90f. Spray liberally when pests or fungal organism are present.

For greenhouse Insect control we recommend a dilution ratio of 97 parts water to 3 parts NeemaSölv, a 3% active mixture. For tender leaf plants and as a vegetable foliar spray we recommend a dilution ratio of 99.5 parts water to .5 part NeemaSölv. NeemaSölv mixtures may be applied with any high volume sprayer. For foliar spray applications, spray to the point of runoff making sure both top and bottom leaf surface receive adequate coverage. For optimum results, repeat the applications 2 to 3 times at intervals of 7-10 days. Diluted NeemaSölv can be applied using a manual hose-end applicator or any powered equipment including high volume, low volume, electrostatic or ultra-low volume cold fogging.

Dilution Rates: Using Our Cold Pressed Neem Oil Concentrate in Your Mosquito Misting System.

NeemaSölv Was Recently Approved For Use as a Dip For Livestock in Africa

Click The Image to Read The Full Report From The Somaliland Ministry of Livestock, April 2016

Click The Image to Read The Full Report From The Somaliland Ministry of Livestock, April 2016

Since the release of our line of cold pressed neem oil organic pesticides, much experimenting has taken place as consumers worldwide seeking a non-toxic alternative try our products. The most recent success was in Somaliland, where any given animal, sheep, goat, cow or camel has an average of 100 ticks eating at their hides. NeemaSölv has been approved as a dip and protection against Ticks, Fleas, Keds, Lice and other common parasites in the region.

The use of neem oil in agriculture is well documented against a wide array of insects including: Mites, Aphids, Thrips, Leafhoppers, Pod Borers, Whiteflies, Cut Worms, Caterpillars etc. Less has been studied using neem oil against Ticks and Fleas as a dipping/spraying formulation. We are very excited to continue our discovery in Africa.

For customers living in the US who face large and active tick populations, we recommend the use of NeemaSölv as a bathing dip for pets and livestock. Use 2-6 ounces per gallon of water as a dip. NeemaSölv was originally intended as a non-toxic outdoor use general insecticide.

Using a lesser dilution of NeemaSölv on yards and gardens will promote an insect free zone without harming beneficial and pollinator insects. 8 ounces of product in our hose end sprayer will produce 20 gallons of bug killing solution to spray with. 

In April, our ACT regional agents Suheil Arbid and Faisal Hawar were present during testing conducted by Dr. Ahmed Osman of the Somaliland Ministry of Livestock. For the experimentation, the Ministry provides us with 3 goats, 3 sheep, 3 cows and 3 camels all heavily infested with ticks.

Our purpose was to demonstrate to the governmental agencies of the region that there is an effective and viable alternative to the banned and often expired pesticides purchased from rouge traders.

Disease and hide damage caused from ticks is a big concern, an even bigger concern is the fact that farmers and their families are dying due to their exposure to such poisonous synthetic pesticides.

During the days of testing, our team tested both the concentrate, NeemaSölv, along with d-Mize II, a non-aqueous ready-to-use spray with 10% cold pressed neem oil as an active ingredient.

Dr. Osman, with over 30 years of field experience with The Livestock Ministry remarked that he had never seen a pesticide kill a parasite that quickly.

The fact that these products are completely non-toxic was just icing on the cake. The testing covered a long list of insect targets that were effectively eliminated without the use of petro-chemical poisons. Please take a moment to view the video news release by clicking here, or click the image above.



1) Feeding Deterrence:

Leaf-eating insects simple stop eating and die.

2) Insect Growth Regulation:

Neem suppresses Ectyzone, trapping the insect in the larval stage, eventually causing death.

3) The Disruption of Mating:

Hormonal disruption drastically reduces or altogether stops mating routines.

4) Oviposition Deterrence:

Neem reduces pest populations by deterring females from laying eggs.

5) Repulsion:

Neem oil contains several sulfur-like compounds that can repulse and repel insects.

6) Adult Sterilization:

Susceptible males are sterilized by neem compounds, many females of the species are similarly affected.

7) The Poisoning of Larvae and Adults

Neem blocks the insects ability to “swallow” and the inhibits of the formation of chitin, the hard section covering the exoskeleton.

Test Spray First

If you are unfamiliar with neem and/or working with delicate ornamental plants we recommend a small-scale trial for phytotoxic burn effects on a small sample of plants prior to general use. Choose a section of your target ornamental plant, making sure that the diluted NeemaSölv contacts leaves and flowers that receive full sunlight. Monitor leaves and/or flowers of test plant for 48 hours, looking for signs of phytotoxic burn or discoloration.

Beneficial Pollinators

Pure, cold pressed neem oil is harmless to beneficial insects such as ladybugs, bees and butterflies. Do not spray while bees are actively feeding. Adult bees will not be harmed, however, if sprayed directly on bees, subsequent contact could hurt the larvae and juveniles in the hive.


Do not store this product above 100f or below 30f degrees.


Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum or using tobacco. Remove and wash contaminated clothes before reuse.