120 Hour Natural Bed Bug Cleanse

For Valuables Suspected of Harboring Bed Bugs Nymphs and Eggs.

The Bed Bug Cleanse is a natural, non-invasive tactic for removing bed bugs, nymphs and eggs from computers, antiques or any personal items greatly valued by customers yet too delicate for standard chemical treatment or heat remediation. With the Bed Bug Cleanse customers can treat and keep possessions of importance bed bug free.

How to Safely and Effectively Treat the Untreatable.

Three Trash Liner Bags.jpg

Step One- Choose an area that will accommodate the number of containers or bags to be used. Low density trash liners make a great container and come in a variety of sizes up to 55 gallons. Something like this will work well if you want something nicer and reusable.

Step Two- Gently stack delicate items inside of an airtight container or large trash liner. 

Place any suspected item within the container or trash liner including desk top computers, laptops, cell phones, antiques, collectables, electronics, books and photography, toys, stereos, televisions, miscellaneous appliances, special possessions or small exceptionally porous wood items etc. Organize items with room to breath. In the case of a trash liner, allow room for secure tie down.

Step Three- Place a plastic sheet on top of the assembled and organized items. Spray a kitchen cloth with about 10-12 squirts of d-Mize III (approximately 2 ounces) Place a wet cloth on top of plastic sheet (your objective is to avoid product directly touching the delicate items in the container or trash liner)

Step Four- Seal the container or trash liners and leave undisturbed for at least 120 hours.

Don’t Toss it, Cleanse It!

Naturally, nobody wants these blood feeders left behind inside computers and valuables. However, customers do not like the idea of throwing away treasured and expensive items. With the d-Mize III Bed Bug Cleanse you can offer customers complete natural and non-invasive removal of the entire bed bug strain present, without damaging these unique items.