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My name is Dave Glassel with American Cedar Technology located in Houston, Texas. The ACT Corporation is the inventor of several green formulations used in the control of insects including but not limited to parasites found on pets and livestock. Please take a moment and read the opportunity pdf below and by all means, watch the video.->

My Brush Applicator invention is patented and the only one existing in the World. It becomes a very strong seller when introduced to the market place. It seems that every one wants one!

Many years ago I supplied The Sharper Image with a lawn and garden product.  At that time we provided drop shipping for Sharper Image customers. I suggest that program is an excellent option should you choose to enter into a purchase arrangement with the ACT Corporation. You will be a first to market seller. I am available at 1 877 669 0482 to answer all of your questions.

Meanwhile tell us where to send YOUR BRUSH below and we’ll will ship you a sample brush and product out for you to see and try for yourself.


Thanks for your consideration of this dynamic product!


Dave Glassel

President and CEO

The ACT Corporation

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