What About The Negative Claims Regarding Cedar Oil and Cats on The Web?

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It is true that the feline members of our family cannot metabolize essential oils, it is also quite correct that oil derived from the Western Red Cedar (actually a species of cypress tree) is potentially deadly when used on animals. WRC oil has all of the nasty things mentioned on the web and more. 

Folks, the cedar oil used by Amercian Cedar Technologies (Formerly CedarCide Industries, prior to take over) is not harvested from the Western Red, rather the Texas Red Cedar, a completely different tree. Additionally, all of our oil, unlike “other cedar/essential oil” has been significantly modified based on proprietary discoveries we have made by analyzing and testing cedar oils over the last two decades. (No we didn’t invent cedar oil…however, we have done our best to perfect it specifically for use as a animal safe pesticide-ovicide)

How? The reason our cedar oil works and other cedar oil does not work (For flea and tick control) and the reason our oil is safe for use on cats and kittens is due to how we modify our oil, the secret stuff. We fractionate every drop of our cedar oil to remove any of the naturally occurring toxic substances including the “phenols” and “terpenes” known to be dangerous to cats as well as other smaller mammals.

I do not recommend formulating insect control solutions for the companion animal health industry from any kind of cedar oil other than ours. First of all, it probably will not work as it is low on the ingredients needed to kill or repel insects.  Second, it will have certain components that could make an animal ill. It took me many years to formulate insect control grade cedar oil that could be used on cats and dogs. Certainly, the aroma therapy grades will not work.

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Remember this, our very first animal patients were our very own beloved pets, all of our initial testing was done on cats and dogs owned by dear neighbors and friends. Had we not achieved flawlessly safe results, with zero toxicity, we would have been back at the drawing board. Over the years since the inception of the Best Ever formulation, we have accumulated an abundance of anecdotal corroboration that Best Ever is indeed safe and effective when applied to felines. Today, there are thousands of customers all around the world that use Best Ever safely and effectively on cats, dogs, babies and great grandparents.

Rest assured, what I formulate is entirely safe for use on the feline species.  I have 11 of my own cats treated periodically to prove it.

As to the hydrated silica, that is a cosmetic fluid used worldwide in the manufacturing of toothpaste, deodorant, hair jells and sprays and skin lotions.  The compound is actually a silane fluid and has no silica left in the formulation, perfectly safe for animal and human use with a zero toxicity level. 

For live tele-help, more information or to order one of my pet safe insect control formulations made specifically for cats and dogs call the pet loving staff at the office at 1 877-669-0482 (Monday through Friday From 9AM-6PM or Saturdays through the Summer  9AM till 1PM) You can always reach our team via e-mail for a quick response during company hours.

As far as the negative claims on the web go, I think Mark Twain summed it up best-

“One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives.”

Thank you for trusting and using our products.

Dr. Ben Oldag

What Does Best Ever Contain?


Best Ever contains two ingredients, a GRAS list active ingredient, (Cedar Oil*) and a 4A inert ingredient carrier (Silica, Hydrate) for our formulation.  Our minimum risk insect control products are EPA exempt under FIFRA (25)b, and made of FDA approved Human Food Grade Ingredients and are certified Organic by USDA NOP.

Cat Safe Cedar Oil, Modified and Fractionated To Provide Safe Flea Control For The Feline Species, Tiger too.


Considering that we have taken a junk, nuisance tree, an historic irritation for Texas farmers and ranchers and transformed it into organic and safe pesticide makes us feel justifiably proud. We are equally delighted that our formulations continue to baffle the entirety of the pest control industry. 


Folks, there are some 500 plus species of cedar trees, 50 or so that are actually cypress trees, yet they are called and known as cedar trees. Did you know that cedar oil contains well over 100 different sub elements, half of which do not yet have a name?