ACT All Animal Dispensing Flea Brush

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The ACT All Animal Dispensing Flea Brush.png
Organic and Non-Toxic External Parasite Control.png
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ACT All Animal Dispensing Flea Brush


Modern Organic Flea and Tick Control Made Easy, Without Hassle or Waste!

American Cedar Technologies, formerly CedarCide Industries, has been in the business of companion animal parasite control for over 20 years. As a result we have developed a powerful line of all natural products to control the fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, midges and lice that commonly trouble the four legged side of our families.

We believe that the business of fighting parasites is two fold. First, having the correct product and second, achieving the correct delivery of the product.

For some time, we have sought a method of delivery for our modern organic formulations that offers pet lovers maximum efficiency with minimum waste. Folks, we are thrilled to announce to all of our customers, we finally got it! Introducing the ACT All Animal Dispensing Flea Brush.

  • Critters love It

  • Easy To Use

  • Non-Toxic Design

  • Eliminate Product Waste

  • Translucent Black

The Basic Brush Pack Comes with (1) Dispensing Flea Brush

(1) Pint and (1) 2.5 Ounce Spritzers of the product of your choice. Choose Best Ever, Industrialisimo, 4-K9 or 4-Kat.

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Our Best Flea and Tick Control Tool Ever!

The ACT All Animal Dispensing Flea Brush is an exceptionally easy and efficient way to dispense our parasite killing fluid directly to the animal’s hide, while avoiding any wetting of the fur with the solution!

Not only will pets enjoy a pleasant and comfortable massage while you take care of any biting insects, larvae and eggs found on the animal’s skin, pet owners will save money. Rather than over spray product and soaking the animal, the Act All Animal Dispensing Flea Brush will deliver the treatment fluid directly to the target, precisely at skin level without the mess or waste.

Versatile and efficient, the ACT All Animal Dispensing Flea Brush may be used on just about any mammal or avian that needs biting parasites relief, and fast. We’ve designed the Dispensing Brush for use on dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats and poultry, including their young.

Organic and Non-Toxic External Parasite Control.png

The ACT Flea Brush Works With Any of Our Natural Flea and Tick Control Products!

The ACT All Animal Dispensing Flea Brush can be filled with any of our organic, non-toxic flea and tick prevention products, including our cedar oil based Best Ever or Industrialisimo, our cold pressed neem oil based 4-K9, or our new odorless and oil free 4-KAT. You will find the ACT All Animal Dispensing Flea Brush won’t waste a single drop of our pet safe products.

The ACT Flea Brush Will Eliminate Product Waste and Let You Control and Know How Much You Use!



The ACT Brush has been crafted with all inert materials currently used to hold medicinal preparations in the pharmaceutical industry. We have assembled the components together via an ultrasonic welding process, thus avoiding the need for toxic adhesives. Rest assured, the ACT ALL Animal Dispensing Flea Brush is as non-toxic as the products we make.

The brush’s unique construction stores our product inside the brush. Simple remove the ACT Brush handle cap, remove the handle plug, then while holding the brush in a vertical position, pour any of our ready to use products into the unit, up to 60 ml. We recommend that you fill the ACT Brush with a minimum of at least 15 milliliters.

Each of the 50 stainless steel bristles of the ACT Dispensing Brush is akin to a roller-ball pen, where a tiny ball is fastened to the end of each bristle. The bristles emit our product only when the ball touches the hide of the animal. Thanks to its transparent design, equipped with a unique dosage slider, pet owners can conveniently see and control the amount of product dispensed during each treatment.

How To Treat And Remove External Parasites From Pets



Get the pet in a comfortable location and begin to systematically brush all areas of the pet's fur. Pet owners can control the amount of treatment fluid emitted in two ways, simple by repeated passes through a specific area on the pet, or by applying slightly more pressure on the bristles as you stroke through the pet's fur.

Caring For The ACT All Animal Dispensing Brush

The brush has been designed for long-term use.  A filled ACT Brush should be kept horizontally with the bristles facing up while not in use. When transporting the brush, we suggest that you empty the brush first. Simple pour and save any remaining fluid into the original contain for future treatment. To clean the brush, USE ONLY ALCOHOL, DO NOT USE WATER, just fill the fluid compartment with alcohol, gently shake the unit and pour it out a few times.


As our sign says, we invite local Houstonians into the showroom for a free flea treatment. After local pet owners witness the ease of application the ACT Brush provides and the instant demise of all external parasites from their pets, they all want the brush! (First Time Available in The USA!!)

Don’t miss your opportunity to order this breakthrough pet flea solution product today!