Best Ever: Natural Flea Spray

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How to kill Fleas Naturally on Pets Instantly Including Eggs Without Poisons.png
Best Ever Gallon Back Label Juniperus Virginiana.jpg
For Pet Owners Wanting to Know How to Kill Fleas Naturally on Pets.jpg

Best Ever: Natural Flea Spray

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Natural Cedar Oil Based Flea Killer Spray

Pet lovers far and wide have discovered and love our natural flea killer spray. Best Ever is fast becoming the poison-free product of choice for rescue groups and poison reluctant pet owners for the control of fleas both on-pet, on pet beds and anywhere inside the home.

Best Ever is a natural alternative to Spot Drop flea treatments, why would we use our pet’s blood as bate for the nasty fleas in the first place?  Simple spray the animal directly with Best Ever, living fleas will be killed instantly, leaving your pet flea free. The residual cedar oil will leave the pet’s coat shining and smelling great! 

How to kill Fleas Naturally on Pets

People have been coming to us for over 20 years, seeking a natural solution to control their flea problem. After thousands and thousands of inquiries, we have observed that there are generally three questions or areas of focus we are asked with the most frequency.

The First, largest group wants to know how to kill fleas naturally on their pet. The second group asks how they can get rid of fleas inside the house, say on dog bedding and/or favorite pet sitting and sleeping areas. The third group is searching for a non-toxic carpet treatment for fleas, furniture fleas also. Perhaps you are dealing with one of these key areas too.

This Cedar Oil-Hydrated Silica Formulation is 100% Effective and Pet Safe. Best Ever Kills Fleas on Contact.

All FDA GRAS Ingredients (Generally Regarded As Safe)

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So How Do I Kill Fleas Naturally on Pets? Answer:

Use Best Ever, our cedar oil based flea killer spray. Apply Best Ever directly on your pet. Your objective is to wet the animal sufficiently so that the material is able to wick into the animals skin. Be sure to spray or rub the product into all areas including pits, groin, tail and feet. Avoid eye contact.

For feline lovers concerned about your cat's sensitivity to essential cedar oil, please see our odorless 4-KAT Instant Flea Removal Spray, all the flea killing power of Best Ever without oil and without the odor of Cedar.

So How Do I Get Rid of Fleas From My Home? Answer:

Use Best Ever in a spray bottle, pump up sprayer or ULV fogger machine. Apply the product directly to the area of infestation and then seal off that room or that area for an hour. The smell will be very strong right after treatment. After an hour, open the door, or window and/or turn on the AC to circulate, within a few hours you will enjoy the pleasant aroma of a cedar closet.

What About a Pet and Kid Safe Carpet Treatment For Fleas? Answer:

Use Our Best Ever non-toxic flea killer spray directly on carpets, flooring and furnishing. Best Ever does not attract dirt and does not stain and can be sprayed or fogged directly on carpets and furniture. Additionally, for heavily infested carpeted areas, you may add Best Ever directly into the solution tank of most carpet cleaning machines. Simply fill the tank with Best Ever, WITHOUT water or Soap. Your objective is to get the product to touch all live flea stages harboring in your rugs, carpets and furniture. Best Ever will control adult, larvae and eggs effectively, without contaminating your home with nerve toxicants.

A Pet Safe Indoor Flea Control Product

It's true that pet owners seeking an effective and natural treatment for fleas have to search the Internet to find us, but its well worth the initial hunt. Best Ever is probably the best, widely unknown, natural flea killer spray available on the worldwide web. Tons of dog owners have tried it and love it, same for cat owners, of course it works on horses, llamas and other mammals just as well.

At first, the sheer versatility of this product can be challenging to grasp. Best Ever an instant kill flea spray for on-pet flea treatment, plus it can be used as an insect repellent spray for animals. Best Ever is a safe and effective mosquito repellant for people and it can be used inside the house for general bug control including indoor flea infestations. With so many uses the fact that Best Ever is completely safe to people and pets is just gravy!

Best Ever is classified as a single-component pesticide because its effectiveness is derived from a solitary active component, Juniperus Virginiana L. However it contains two ingredients. First, we create our active ingredient from specially modified and fractionated Red Texas Cedar oil. This unique specie of cedar tree occupied millions of acres of the Hill Country of Texas. The second ingredient is a cosmetic fluid called Silicic Acid, (Liquefied Quartz Rock). This eight tailed octa-molecular additive, 1/800th the size of a water molecule, acts as a highly effective carrier and synergist. Best Ever comes ready to use, no dilution required.

Spot on Products like Frontline are Not Medicines, Rather Deadly Poisons



From the very inception of “spot on” pest products, the founders of American Cedar Technologies’ have spoken out against them. There is absolutely nothing safe about the use of so-called “pet meds” on our companion animals. To quote the late Dr. Ben Oldag: “The theory of using your pet as a magnet to attract fleas, then kill the flea using lethal toxins delivered through the animal’s bloodstream is absurd”.