Professional Pest Control Products That Kill Bugs Naturally


“We Need Something Natural, We Need a Chemical Free Alternative”

Today, the growing trend is hearing more and more customers ask about natural alternatives. What do you do if a customer is particular about his companion animal and insists on something completely safe? How do you capture business when customers demand something completely natural for the sake of young children or the elderly with compromised health issues?

Natural, Non-Toxic Products Mean More Business

Non-toxic bed bug and eggs formula. Linda discovered our product because she had to deal with her own case of bed bugs. Later, she started a thriving biz based on our formula she calls her "Ancient Chinese Secret".

"Ancient Chinese Secret" or Ancient Cedar Secret? This product is "The Best Thing Out There" for non-toxic bed bug and eggs removal and non-toxic control.

Our goal is to formulate effective professional pest control products that kill bugs naturally. We offer professional exterminators a safe and effective alternative. Adding a non-toxic product is a good thing, it can reduce liabilities and provide comfort to clients with chemical concerns thus expanding customer base.  

We offer Pest Control Pros safe and effective alternative products made with cold pressed Neem Seed Oil or Red Texas Cedar Oil.

There’s no reason to lose customers that, for whatever reason, decline standard synthetic solutions. Keep and amaze residential and commercial clients with our eco-friendly and effective new weapons that will solve the common insect issues naturally.

When You Need a Natural Insecticide

For decades, we have been the world leader in the development and distribution of cedar oil-based pest control products that are entirely eco-friendly replacement for synthetics. More recently, our fascination with the insecticidal properties of the limonoid compound- Azadirachtin, found in neem seed oil has led to a processing breakthrough. Uniquely different than any other manufacture, our proprietary temperature-influenced-processing of neem oil extract has solved many key issues that have keep neem oil insecticide largely unknown and under-utilized in the west.

We’ve been fortunate to formulate both a 100% active cold pressed neem oil concentrate and d-Mize I, d-Mize II & d-Mize III, three versions of our ready-to-use spray fumigants without the problem of intense smell, separation and storage issues so commonly reported be early adopters. These non-toxic technologies offer professional pest management operators easy to use and effective solutions that kill bugs naturally.

People and Pet Safe Bug Killers Sprays For PCOs

  • EPA GRAS products Insecticides/ovicides
  • Aqueous and non-aqueous spray fumigants that works in pump up sprayers, pressure sprays and structural foggers, including ULV.
  • The active ingredients we use will not have any harmful environmental effects, nor cause adverse effects to mammals, birds, fish and aquatic invertebrates, other non-target insects or plants.

Our Neem Oil Bug Killer Spray Fumigants

American Cedar Technologies produces and distributes 25b, pest control products that kill bugs naturally. We have been formulating natural bug killing products for professionals for over 20 years, long before the term "natural" was ever associated with pest control.

We invite pest professionals to test our cold pressed neem oil bug killer sprays. Our entire line of naturally derived bug killing products are people and pet safe. If you have been looking for an effective bug killing alternative to standard chemical protocols, you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased with our natural bug killing lineup. 

Our active ingredients are OMRI listed.

Please call us during business hours to inquire about registering your business as a re-seller/dealer or to request private labeling.

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