How to Non-Toxically Wood Treat Timber Posts and Piling to Extend Service Life.

In wood science, the absence of moisture in the wood is the absence of all issues. ForeverWood treated timber will no longer take on airborne or liquid moisture into the fiber or molecular make up. Further expansion or contraction is arrested, leaving the pole, piling or post protected against the effects of moisture dependent fungal organisms, decay, powder post beetle and termite attack.

Protecting and Preserving Timber’s Most Susceptible Zone.

Pole failure is expensive and inconvenient and can produce grim repercussions. When a pole fails and falls you are at risk of costly outages, injury or electrocution. The vast majority of failure occurs at or just below the ground line portion of the pole, post or piling. Our DIY Intravenous pole treatment targets and preserves the pole’s most vulnerable zone.

At ground line, the conditions are ideal for soil borne decaying organisms (wood rotters) beetles and termites to attack the pole. For this reason we prescribe wood treating the pole from 18” above ground all the way down to the submerged butt of the pole. The application of ForeverWood will stop the causes of decay at the precise section of the pole where failure most frequently occurs.

The ForeverWood wood treat solution is designed to expose access to all growth rings. Drill a 1/4 inch diameter hole, perpendicular to level ground, against the grain to expose the growth rings of the timber and provide access for the solution to penetrate. The product will migrate into the inner sapwood fiber and cellular structure and immediately scavenge out both free and bound water within the pole.

Application of the ForeverWood solution will set off a hydrophobic reaction resulting in the formation of a si-gel substance within the fiber and hydroxyl molecular structure of the wood. This unique formulation subsequently triggers the early stages of wood petrification.

ForeverWood Initiates The Early Stages of Wood Petrification of Timber

Once the intravenous feeding system has been attached to the pole, ForeverWood will wick its way down through the entirety of the timber. In most cases, leaving the feeding system on for a couple of hours will be ample time for our wood stabilizing formulation to make its journey to the butt of the pole. Just a few hours employing this non-toxic wood treating protocol can more than double the service life of the pole.